Known issues

  • If you have having trouble with any of your Connections, please ‘disable’ and then ‘enable’ them.
  • For tasks that save to OneDrive for Business, please be case sensitive, and use XLS or XLSX extensions as appropriate.
  • If you create a Location or Notification tasks on the Android client, you cannot edit it on the web companion where those Connections are not available.
  • When you create a Location on the Android map (Android phone client) please make the geofence area you select sufficiently ‘large’ to ensure your entry/exit can be detected and the task fires correctly.
  • If you create or edit a task using one client (e.g. Android phone app) then want to further edit it on the web companion, please refresh the client.

Manage connections

Edit task

Create task

How CAP uses your data

Conditional Action Programmer (CAP) links the actions of applications together in a stimulus/response-type behavior that you create. To enable these behaviors, you will need to allow CAP to access applications, on your behalf, that you want linked. The applications themselves should prompt you for permission to do so. If you no longer want CAP to access an application, then you must go into the application itself and revoke access.

In giving Conditional Action Programmer access to applications you also consent to it accessing all the data that application may collect, create, hold, or transmit based on the behaviors you create. In carrying out behaviors you choose to implement, CAP may move data (some of which may be personal data) between applications via the Microsoft cloud servers that support CAP. This data may be stored by Microsoft for up to a year for research and product improvement purposes.

Delete user

If you would like to delete your user account: